Spa Time (for change)

Heading to the spa comes with an expensive price tag. But we neglect to remember the environment is picking up part of our bill. This is because spas invest in disposable items, bottled materials and decorations to make us feel luxurious. I beg to differ that this waste or resources is truly a luxurious experience. To upgrade your next spa visit look for places that do these 3 steps. 

  1. Use non-toxic products - Whether it is the hair dye sitting on your scalp, the lotion being soaked into your skin or the make-up absorbed into your pours it is always important to know what chemical cocktail you are making yourself into. Remember that just because it is all natural does not mean it is safe. 
  2. Waste disposal - Pick spas that don't use one use items, rather quality products that can be sanitized and reused. Next time your in a spa notice how many bottles, foils and materials are sitting around and ask if the spa uses proper recycling practices. 
  3. Behavioral changes - Going green opens salons to larger clientele but sometimes they don't know how to be more sustainable. Speak up tell your salon you would like to see the change.
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