Vegans Can Eat Their Plants and Have Them Too.

Have a minute? Check out this video to see some vegan statistics.

If you choose to be vegan you are choosing to live a more sustainable life because you are saving water, soil, and energy. 

  1. Livestock uses more fresh water than just about anything else and livestock is one of the largest polluters of fresh water. 
  2. To raise a pound of beef it take 100 to 200 times more water than to produce a pound of fruits or vegetables.
  3. Livestock also erode and weaken soil often due to human deforestation. 
  4. Raising diverse plants instead can make the land more resilient and nourish the soil thus lowering climate change effects. 
  5. Livestock use a lot of energy to raise from feeding, slaughter, refrigeration. 
  6. Plant based proteins can be raised with 8 times less energy cost than meat-based proteins. 
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