What Is Sustainable Fashion?

“What is sustainability?” The answer is never straightforward and means something different to everyone. This is because sustainability is an umbrella term that encompasses many components. This is particularly evident when it comes to what sustainable fashion is. Some key aspects include: 

Environmental impact

Social justice

Preservation of artisan craft 

Supporting developing economies 

Animal rights 

Under these categories are smaller categories which makes finding 'truly sustainable' fashion nearly impossible. If you know where to buy fashion that does not negatively affect one of the aspects above you've likely found a unicorn or decided to join a nudist community. All jokes aside, sustainable fashion is no laughing matter and needs to be taken seriously by more designers, retailer and most importantly the consumers. 

Fashion by definition refers to a  habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses. 

If we want sustainable fashion to be ubiquitous, consumers need to start consistently buying from brands that add sustainability elements into their designs. As consumers we need to support the brands that are working to make a difference. Sustainability is a complex issue which requires research and energy many designers don't have time or money to put into. However, if customers change their habits fashion will follow. 

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