Why Change To A Sustainable Beauty Routine?

Our beauty routines are down to a science. We know what we like, how long it takes, and when to start saving for our favorite products. But when we count up all the chemicals and toxins we are adding to our skin everyday, it should make us think about switching our routine.

I know after years of perfecting our routine switching it sounds nothing shy of a nightmare. But I promise a sustainable routine might actually help your skin rather than cover up the problem. While eliminating toxins, plastics and chemicals.

I challenge all of you to understand your skin. Is it oily, dry, acne prone, sensitive and why? The why is important because there is a very good chance that your cosmetics are causing your skin issues. Most cosmetics and cleansers have chemicals that disrupt the balance of your skin. The more you use the greater chance of imbalance and likelihood of skin issues. Once you know your skin concerns try to find the natural alternative to solving the problem. 

Dry skinHoney,  olive oil, avocado mask 
Oily Skintea tree oil,
Acne manuka honey, tea tree oil, fruit acid
Needs Exfoliationoatmeal exfoliation, coarse sugar and honey scrub
Make-up Removalolive oil

As someone who has faced years of acne issues, I understand no two blemishes are the same. So I highly recommend determining the cause of your acne. Using an acne face map is a great place to start and determine what may be causing the breakouts. 

Many times a change in diet or drinking more water is all you need. Additionally, cutting out dairy, processed foods and adding a rainbow of fruits and veggies will not only improve your skin (and health) but is a more sustainable way of life. 

A sustainability lifestyle shouldn't be difficult and I want everyone to learn how easy it is to adopting one. Most importantly we would not just be improving ourselves but the global community and ecosystem.  

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